Personalized Canvas Print

Personalized Canvas Print

There is no better way to bring your memories to life than using a personalized canvas print. It refers to printing an image onto a canvas which is often gallery wrapped or stretched onto a frame and then displaying it.

Bring your memories to life with personalized Canvas Print

The method is best for displaying memorable moments such as weddings, birthdays, graduation and job promotion. Besides that, you can display your family vacation or any other moment that you wish to show off. Furthermore, canvas prints can be used to display pets, landscapes, maps, inspirational quotes, family photos and all forms of art. 

Another advantage besides bringing memories to life is that canvas prints liven up any space. For example, you can mount them in your room just for decoration purposes.

Types of canvas prints

Canvas preferences differ because we all have different spaces and wall layouts. So if you don’t know which type of canvas is best for your wall then read the advice below.

The first type is known as a single canvas. It is best for small spaces and one of the simplest ways to print your photos on canvas. It is ideal for small spaces where using more than one print will make the wall look overcrowded.

With this type of canvas, you can easily modify the picture to achieve your expectations hassle-free. Furthermore, you can experiment with, sharpness, saturation, and lighting to deliver the best results.

The second type of canvas print is known as multi-panel. Unlike in the single canvas, multi-panel can make use of multiple canvases just as the name itself implies. Of course, the multi-panel is ideal in instances where you have plenty of room or larger wall space for canvas prints. It doesn't matter the number of canvas that you will use as long as they can fit.

Canvas shapes and sizes to bring your memories back 

If you are looking for the best size and shape to fit your wall, we are here to help. Check out the descriptions below and their best use cases.

  1. Rectangular- If your wall has the unequal amount of space whether horizontally or vertically then the rectangular prints will serve you better. Besides, you can use the rectangular canvas to fill in gaps if you have an asymmetrical layout.
  2. Square- These types of canvases have equal lengths and hence are perfect for any grid layout. Alternatively, you can use them in case you are making a multi-panel.
  3. Hexagon- These are six-sided prints. You can use this shape to display special prints, for example, a honeycomb-like pattern.

Mini size- The best option for bringing your memories back to life while filling those small wall spaces. They include small art prints, easel-back canvas prints, and mini canvas prints.

Small to medium size. These are the perfect sizes for creating multi-canvas print layouts for a smaller bathroom or bedroom walls and also for larger rooms.

Large and oversized. Perfect for a special family portrait in those large wall spaces. Besides, it is suitable for any high-quality photo.  So if you have plenty of wall space in your room large canvas prints are a very good option.


If you want to bring your memories back to present , the personalized canvas print is the way to go. You can use it to decorate your wall or also to showcase . Besides, the canvas prints make your house lively. It doesn't matter if you have a large or small wall room, canvases come in different sizes and shapes. So there is no excuse for not getting a personalized canvas print to bring your memories back to life.

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