Frequently in interior designing , we see wall decor handled as an afterthought. It's what gets attention, long after the last coat of paint has dried on the walls and all the furniture has been arranged, if it at all it is paid attention to

But, we are here to assert that by neglecting wall decor  , you are passing up a remarkable design prospect. When chosen wisely , the perfect wall decoration can transform the whole room. Dare we say , we feel that wall decor should be incorporated in interior layout itself.

But if you are a little unsure to provide wall decoration such a prominent part in your design plans, don't worry. Use this post as a guide on how best to accurately choose pieces which can mesh with your existing space and you will have a much better interior.

It Gives an Immediate Color Palette

Picking a color palette can be one of the most daunting Aspects of designing your interiors. The sum of varying colors of paint which are available at your local home improvement store can seem absolutely infinite. It can be difficult to narrow down the possibilities to the colors that best fit your vision for the space.

Our best advice is always to leave the paint as a supporting medium  and focus on looking for wall decor instead. Once you find a painting or wall hanging which you love, you are able to use that bit as an inspiration to your eventual color palette.

Your first step is to pick up two or three shades from wall Decor which you would like to integrate into your own decor. Opt for the dominant color, as well as a couple of additional shades that you'd love to extract . Then, search for those colors in the items which you use to decorate your area. If you need extra assistance, you may use a program like Color Snap, which will let you match those colors to corresponding colors of paint.

It Makes a Focus

One of the very most basic principles of interior design is that every room needs a focal point, or one layout element that will instantly draw the attention to the area and give the viewer a sense of what to expect. It goes without saying that a excellent bit of wall decoration could easily meet this objective.

Imagine your favorite artwork hanging above the ring of a Fireplace in your living room or being displayed  proudly above the bed on your master suite. A creative gallery wall may easily spice up a more conventional dining room or some hanging tapestries may give as a comfy feel to a seating space. 

When Picking a piece of wall decor to be a focal point for your space, the most important consideration is the size. An art that's too little will get dwarfed by the surrounding furniture and If that is too big, will seem like it is spilling over. Be sure to take dimensions of  wall space available, and that means you know how much room you have got at your disposal.

It Brings a Feeling of Texture

Keep in mind that not all of wall decoration is created equal. While Some pieces could be two-dimensional paintings , you should try and find artwork in various mediums to help bring a varying sense of feel to the space. 

In addition to paintings and prints, you should think about pieces such as sculptures or shadow boxes that can add some depth to the room. If your design is more avant garde, you can also think about doing a small mixed media installation that features displays and electronic artwork. 

These Additional pieces of texture might help add much needed visual weight to your insides, which help determine the tone of the room or how it feels. Consider that rough textures are somewhat more likely to make a room cosy and grounded while smooth textures bring a sleeker and more aloof tone to the room. 

Wall decoration does not need to be the final piece of the puzzle when you are decorating a new space. In fact, it shouldn't be. To me , wall decoration is the most significant thing when it comes to interior design. That is because when it's used correctly, your wall hangings can give an excellent frame around which you should have the ability to organize the rest of the area. Simply take this post as a manual for how to correctly select and integrate wall decor with your interior design and you'll end up with a design that seems like it was the perfect solution .