Wall Decor Ideas

I had an older canvas putting around forever and couldn't Bring myself to throw it away since I always loved the creme color of it. One day I simply nailed into the wall and known as one of my favorite artist friends Alexandra Gracik and asked her to come along with her charcoal to draw all the heck she wanted, says Leanne Ford. 

Porcelain Gallery 

When You Have a comprehensive China collection, why not put it up for everybody to see? It is an unexpected twist to the traditional gallery wall look, also. All you will need are some picture hangers as soon as you've mapped out on the gallery wall. 

Fabric Wall Hanging 

When You Have a classic area rug or quilt you haven't been Utilizing, repurpose it by hanging it on the wall. Receive a tutorial to make your own wall hanging out of Sugar & Cloth. 

Children's Art 

This will allow you to keep their masterpieces forever and it may look refined when professionally done with clean, contemporary frames and then ordered in a traditional floor-to-ceiling grid. Take note from this charming modern family room designed by Lilly Bunn, in which colorful art animates the entire space.

Clipped Art 

If you live in a minimalist environment, this job is for you. Simply liven up a picture you adore, frame-free. This way you won't hurt any artwork but you might also go frameless. 

Beaded Hanging 

Create your own wall hanging with beads and a branch. We are Adoring the lace elegance of this asymmetrical one. 

Found Objects 

A skateboard could be wall decoration when styled nicely! Here, Leanne Ford simply propped it on a ledge and leaned it against the walls socket. 

Statement Paint 

Paint a architectural quirk a glowing shade for an Unexpected pop. Here, Emil Dervish livened up this minimalist hall by painted the arch inside a vibrant color of crimson. 


A pegboard looks great basically anywhere, and you can Customize it as far as you want! Find out how to make one yourself from Vintage Revivals. 

Hat Wall 

Try a hat wall. It's a Excellent storage solution for anyone With limited cupboard space and it introduces more measurement. Take note from the by Katie Hodges Design. 


At a cozy, cabin-like home, use branches and leaves to Create a string of makeshift garlands. To bring a bit more contemporary design and polish, Leanne Ford additionally color-blocked the walls, panting the reduced half a profound marine tone. 

Mirror Gallery 

A turn on the typical gallery wall? A gallery wall of Antique hand mirrors. Clustered together, these simple, eclectic mirrors serve as art (and reflect light beautifully). This one is comprised of hand mirrors and configured in the shape of a hand mirror. Like creationism! These are functional and adorable. No more convincing needed. 

Hanging Fabric 

Hang some linens or fabric swatches. It's perfect at a Laidback, simple breezy atmosphere. 

Wood Veneer 

This wood veneer wall art is your Greatest rustic accent piece. If we could score one of those hanging chairs. Find out how to make yourself out of Dorsey Designs. 

Flower Wall 

Who Wants a headboard when you can have a full size wall of flowers? Overall boho goals. 

Canvas Printing Wall Art 

Creating Your Fantasy gallery wall only got a Great Deal longer affordable. Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth. 

Paper Shapes Wall Art 

Here's a chance to display your artistic abilities. If Picasso can do it, so do you. Get the tutorial in Sugar & Cloth.