Wall Stickers 

What surfaces can wall stickers be installed on?

Wall stickers can be applied to paint, glass, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirror, drywall, plaster and vehicles as well as many more.

If you’re unsure whether a wall sticker is right for your surface, please order a wall sticker sample pack to test our your surface. 

Do wall stickers damage walls?

No - The high quality of our stickers and adhesive prevent damage to your wall. 

Can stickers be used outside?

Yes - Stickers are made for indoor and outdoor use, however, this may affect their lifespan 

How long do wall stickers last?

We offer a quality guarantee of five years for a sticker. Please head to our page for more information.

Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Yes - The installation process is quick and simple. Just follow our handy guide.

Can you put wall stickers on mirrors?

Yes - Wall stickers can be installed on mirrors.

Can wall stickers be reused?

No - Stickers are designed for a single use.

Are wall stickers waterproof?

Stickers can be applied in high-moisture areas such as a bathroom or outdoors, however, this may have an effect on their lifespan.

Can wall sticker be repositioned?

No - Following installation, wall stickers are in a fixed position. They can be moved during installation though.

How do I install my wall sticker?

Installation of your wall sticker is quick and simple. Just follow our straightforward guide 

My sticker came in sections - Is this normal?

If stickers are large, they may be sent in separate sections. If sent in sections, please line up each section and install each panel individually.

Are wall stickers removable? 

Yes - Wall stickers are easy to remove.

Can wall stickers be cut up before installation to move sections around?

Yes - Feel free to move any section around to create your own unique wall sticker design!



Wall Murals

What unit of measurement should I measure my wall in?

We require measurements in centimetres. 

Can I install a wall mural on a freshly painted wall?

It’s advised you wait four to six weeks after painting to install your wall mural. This will ensure the paste creates a secure bond between the wall mural and the wall. 

Do I need to prepare my wall for installation?

Yes - Before installation, make sure your walls are clean and free from dust and dirt. 

Walls must be completely dry. 

Walls painted with a silk paint should be roughened with sandpaper to ensure a tight bind. 

What equipment do I need for installation?

It’s recommended you have the following for installation: 

  • Scissors/scalpel
  • Bucket
  • Large brush
  • Rubber roller
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Decorators sponge 

How do I install a wallpaper?

Installation is quick and easy but you must follow our instructions. Please refer our how to install section. 

How do I measure for my wall for a mural?

  • It’s recommended two people measure the wall. Measure the wall you want to cover with a tape measure and provide the highest and widest measurements. 
  • If ordering a wall mural for a section of the wall, measure the area ensuring the lines are straight. It’s recommended a pencil is used to mark the corners for reference when the print arrives. 
  • If there are any obstacles, disregard these for the measurement. 
  • Add an additional 5 to 10 cm to the height and width to trim during installation. 
  • Thoroughly check all wall measurement before ordering. 

I have an object on my wall where I’m installing the mural; what should I do?

Just ignore the object when you’re measuring your wall. Then, when you’re installing your wall mural, use a cutting tool to go around the obstacle and remover that section of the wallpaper.  

Should I use a decorator to install my wall mural?

Our installation process is so easy that even DIY newbies shouldn’t struggle. If you are using a decorator, we recommend ensuring they read our instructions.